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    Persian Fairy Floss


    Yum, I am talking adult fairy floss here... Persian Fairy Floss. 
    Pistachio cupcake, pink frosting, topped with pink, rose flavoured Persian fairy floss and pink edible glitter.

    Pashmak is Persian Fairy Floss, or Cotton Candy depending on where you are from. 

    Pariya food produce five flavours, vanilla, chocolate, saffron, pistachio and my  personal favourite rose. Available in Turkish grocery stores and online directly from Pariya Food

    Pashmak means "little wool" in Persian due to it's resemblance to sheep's wool. 

    An exquisite confectionary and the original fairy floss, it looks gorgeous & tastes divine, makes an elegant topper & garnish for a range of desserts. I usually serve cupcakes topped with Persian fairy floss along side a platter of nougat & turkish delight. 

    Less sweet than standard fairy floss, with a slight sesame note, let your imagination be your guide when pairing with desserts & get your hands on some Persian Fairy Floss today. Enjoy!

    *Fairy Floss disappears fairly quickly with air, so top your cupcakes no longer than a hour before serving.

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