Musk Sticks
Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 2:04PM
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     Musk cupcakes, with musk frosting & topped with musk mini's
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Ahhhh, difficult to describe the flavour of musk lollies if your not from Australian or New Zealand. A popular pink lolly in it's most common form a 12cm (4.72in) "stick".
The sticks are extruded, firm, yet are soft & melt in your mouth. The mini's are crunchy and lifesavers chalky, all have that distinct one of kind musk flavour. 
As for the flavour, well it certainly is a conundrum, let's see, they are not related to the cosmetic musk perfume, yet  I would describe them as having a strong "perfume". With a hint of rose water &... well, I don't know really. I've heard them described as "tasting like the smell of old ladies at the bus stop & yet kind of nice" (bet that makes you want to try them!), I like the flavour with it's floral undertones. Popular wedding cupcake choice with the pretty pink colour & sweet flavour. 
Like to live on the wild side?? Then try making yourself some musk vodka!
6 packs of musk lifesavers 
I bottle of vodka
Crush the lifesavers in a mortar and pestle, add to vodka bottle, wait 48 hours. You'll now have pink musk vodka. Drink in shot glasses or as mixed with soda.
Concentrate the formula and you have your own musk extract/essence or I found musk oil for baking and confectionary making online in Oz at Inspired by Chocolate
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