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    Acetate Cubes


                           small, medium & large acetate cubes

    Clear acetate cubes or boxes are a lovely way to present a decorated cupcake, perhaps just one for a single thank you gift, or 100 for Wedding favours. 

    They aren't without problems, namely your cupcake moves, falls, slips & slides within the box. 

    There are a few different solutions to the problem; you could use scrunched tissue or glassine paper in the base as a make shift "cupcake holder", clear shredded cellophane packing material works the same way. You could also make a card cupcake holder for the base of the cube; cut a square of card, fold two of the edges inward and then cut a circle from the centre so the cupcake fits within the hole.

    Heart set on a clear cube? The problem can be solved with a dab of royal icing underneath the cupcake to secure it to the base. Allow the royal icing to dry before moving. This also works in keeping you cookie towers in place. Whatever method you use, transport your cupcakes carefully!!

                a small takes a fall... there are two problems with mini's

    There isn't enough weight in a mini cupcake to push the folded base into place, so you will need to secure the base with tape or glue as well as securing the cupcake it's self with royal icing.

    Worth the trouble? I think so, they do look beautiful once in place! Of course they can also be used to hold lollies & candy, cookie towers & a variety of small gifts too.

    Acetate boxes are available from stationery suppliers, craft stores and baking supply stores. In Australia I got mine online from Little Betsy Baker 

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