Baby Dots
Monday, May 10, 2010 at 5:18PM
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'Baby Dots' cupcakes; White Chocolate & strawberry, fondant topped with polka dots. 

Thank you to Eliza and Dan for yesterdays café/patisserie review!! You're wonderful Eliza (you too Dan)... looking forward to your next review. 

Got these super sweet, super mini foil chocolate/cupcake cases by Robert Gordon off Daniel yesterday as part of my mothers day gift :) Fabulous for truffles of course, but you can also bake darling small cupcakes in them. 

How cute are they!! 

Available in four colour pink, red, green and blue in packs of 18 from kitchen ware stores and online at Kitchen Cupboard (Australia)

Or perhaps you fancy a fruit chew lollipop cupcake topper

                 Happy Baking :)

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