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    Fruit Chews part two

    Twice the size of the actual cupcake, a close up view of a Starburst fruit chew rose on "Spring burst cupcake"

    Two months ago I posted a blog entry on how to  colour and shape Starburst Fruit Chews, today is in answer to queries about what else can you make with the softened fruit chews;

               Starburst fruit chews


    You don't need any special cutters or ingredients, just fruit chews & a microwave oven. Great for beginners to try their hand at flower making and for the more experienced a pack of fruit chews in the pantry will serve you well in the emergency "I've run out of modelling paste" moment, also great for when you need a particular flavour for your flowers.

    Take your softened fruit chew & roll a small piece to form the centre of your rose.


    Roll other small pieces and wrap around your centre piece one at a time, pinching the bottom of the rose to join as you are forming until you have a fully formed flower. Trim any excess fruit chew from the bottom of the rose with scissors. I used a centre & four petals to make the pink rose (uncoloured strawberry Starburst) on top of today's cake. 

    Ejector cutter blossoms                                             

    All your ejector cutters will work with the softened fruit chews; here I used a tiny blossom ejector cutter to cut blossoms from rolled out fruit chews & then ejected them into foam to produce a shaped flower. 

    Cherry Starburst rose and coloured strawberry Starburst blossoms

    Each Starburst fruit chew produces one rose plus 24 blossoms. Do keep in mind the flavour of your cupcakes, cherry Starbursts are great with Chocolate cake... not as great with peppermint cake!

    Have Fun!!

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    Reader Comments (1)

    I love this idea Jeniffer, you are so inventive. I love the liner tpp, is looks so wonderful with all the cute little flowers.
    Now I have to get some candy..;-))

    May 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHaniela

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