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    The Browniest Cookies 

                                        the browniest cookies

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    Baking along with a talented group of bakers that are a part of ABC (Avid Baker's Challenge), this month is the 'Browniest Cookies' from Smitten Kitten. 

    Like all brownies it's easy to put together, chocolate is melted with butter and sugars whisked in.

    White sugar to creates the brownie crust and brown sugar to keep the cookies soft. 

    Eggs, vanilla, baking soda and salt are whisked in next, followed by sifted cocoa powder. 

    Flour is stirred in followed by chocolate chunks. I divided mixture in half and added half cup of fresh raspberries to the batter.  Both batters were then refrigerated. 

    The recipe calls for the batter to be scooped, I rolled in smaller 25 gram balls and slid the trays into the freezer for 15 minutes to insure they would keep their shape. 

    Resulting cookies are fudgy, with a thin crisp crust, definetly chocolately but did polarise the testers with the flavour.  They aren't overly sweet tasting cookies, but it was the touch of bitterness they bring with so much cocoa powder and unsweetened chocolate that some weren't keen on.  

    I drizzled melted chocolate on the raspberry ones and added love heart sprinkles for Valentines Day.  

    Tiny cookies won't crinkle as much due to chilling and the short bake time... about 6-7 seven minutes.

    The recipe today is similar to Martha Stewart's 'Chocolate Crackle' type cookies that we have made every Christmas for over a decade. The other Martha Stewart cookies that are brownie/crinkle like are the 'Outrageous Chocolate Cookie' we also make for holidays. 

    my step son made these brownie cookies for high school food tech in 2009   

    Today's cookies are good, but won't replace the Martha Stewart cookies in our Christmas repertoire. 

    Like a full cocoa flavoured cookie? get the full recipe for today's bake from Smitten Kitten 'The Browniest Cookies' 

    Happy Baking :) 

    You might also be interested in making Eric the Valentines Emu

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    Reader Comments (4)

    Your cookies are super cute and they look delicious! I like the heart-shaped sprinkles. And the emu is a piece of art. Such talent!!

    February 17, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterHanaa

    Thank you so much Hanaa! :)

    February 17, 2017 | Registered CommenterThe Lone Baker

    Your cookies with the little heart sprinkles look so cute (I've never seen those before).
    We are a bit divided on chocolate taste, too. I love dark chocolate, my husband gets a migraine from too much bitter chocolate. Fortunately, eating a small cookie is less of a problem then a larger brownie bar.

    February 17, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterKarin Anderson

    Thank you Karin :) Oh goodness, sorry your husband gets migraines, one of my friends gets migraines from strong black coffee...not fun. For the right audience these cookies would be wonderful, but not for those who prefer the subtlety of milk and white chocolate.

    February 18, 2017 | Registered CommenterThe Lone Baker

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