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    Haven't yet graduated beyond ripping open the packet of cake mix? Then this is for you! 5 packet mixes ranging from gourmet to off the supermarket shelf were blind taste tested and reviewed by a panel of nine. This week it's Packet Mix Brownies being tested.

    The Contenders

    1. Donna Hay                     $  7.99:   Molten Chocolate Chunk Brownies    

    2. Melindas/Gluten Free      $   6.95:   Chocolate Fudge Brownie    

    3. Greens                           $   4.89:   Choc Fudge Brownies    

    4. White Wings                   $   5.32:   Double Choc Fudge Brownies  

    5. Betty Crocker                  $   5.22:   Frosted Chocolate Brownies                     

     Unmarked boxes of baked Brownies were sent to the taste testers along with review forms in order to rate each Brownie from one to five, comment on taste and texture plus an overall opinion.  After collating the information the results were as follows...

    From a possible score of 45

    Donna Hay                    33.5 comments included  "MMM Yum!! I ate mine and the rest of Debbie's" Jodie

                                                                                 "Taste like home made, not packet"  Cindy

    Melindas (Gluten Free)   17.5 comments included  "After taste quite powdery" Sarah

                                                                                 "Dry"  Tim

    Greens                           18.5 comments included  "Enjoyed the icing. Favourite!" Jake

                                                                                  "Disgusting, I never thought brownies could taste like                                                                                        that"  Emma

    White Wings                   17.5 comments included  "Pathetic excuse for a Brownie" David

                                                                                  "Sickly" Mark

    Betty Crocker                  22.3 comments included  "Fudgy taste, frosting was nice" Debbie

                                                                                   "Not bad" David


    In this case you did get what you paid for with an easy win for Donna Hay! Pictured warm Donna Hay brownie, ready for a scoop of ice-cream! 




    Along came the Spiders

    Where to begin? 

    With Halloween just around the corner (or the October 31st to be exact), I just had to make my first post "Along came the Spiders" a quick and easy decorating idea for Halloween cupcakes. Ideal for an adult Halloween party, but equally a hit with the kids. 

    Want to recreate the look? Start with chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, standard sized not "muffin" sized as you need to use these laser cut web cupcake wrappers available from cake decorating and stationery stores to go around the cakes.

    Lightly frost the cupcakes with your choice of frosting, wrap the cakes with cupcake wrappers, top the cakes with *Vanilla Persian Fairy Floss add a rubber spider and voilà! 

    As an optional extra and to make your cakes shimmer, crush and sprinkle white edible cake glitter or use white disco glitter over the top.

    *Persian Fairy Floss dissolves quickly once in contact with air, top with the fairy floss no more than an hour before serving.

    For another quick and creepy cupcake idea how about gothic cockroach cupcakes...

                           Cockroach cupcakes

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