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    Bubble Wrap Chocolate Decorations for Cupcakes

                      assorted bubble wrap chocolate cupcake toppers


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    POP!  POP!  POP! Is this you with a piece of bubble wrap? Stop your "popping" and start making bubble wrap chocolate decorations for your cupcakes. These super easy chocolate toppers are fun to make and I'm sure you have a secret stash of bubble wrap tucked away somewhere right?  

    All you need is a piece of clean bubble wrap and melted tempered chocolate.

    Place your bubble wrap bubble side up on a baking mat or tray.

    Spread your melted chocolate over the bubble wrap.

    Allow the chocolate to set and peel off the bubble wrap & voilà you have bubble wrap chocolate. Your piece of bubble wrap can be used over & over again.

    Want curved pieces? Then lay the bubble wrap with the wet chocolate side upwards over a rolling pin or small bowl, allow chocolate to set and peel away bubble wrap.

    Want coloured chocolate? The see "colouring chocolate"

    You can also cut your chocolate into shapes or shards; peel away bubble wrap from the chocolate when it is at the "just set" stage and before the chocolate is fully hardened. Use a sharp or serrated knife to cut the chocolate bubble pieces into shape. Or just break pieces off for abstract shapes.

    Make holes in your bubble chocolate by using a heated skewer or tip of a small knife to melt out the middle part of the chocolate bubbles. If you create very thin bubble sheets of chocolate you can pop out the centres with a piping tip etc without having to use heat.

    Bubble wrap chocolate has a variety of applications, all the way from making "coral" for sea scenes or bee hives to the most elegant cupcake decorations. 

    So why are you still reading this? Go on, hunt for that piece of bubble wrap and give chocolate bubble wrap a try. 

    Happy Baking :) 

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    Chocolate Transfer Decorations for cupcakes

    white chocolate cupcake with whitened ganache, topped with beetroot white chocolate decoration & gold leaf

    Chocolate transfer sheets are a fun & easy way to make professional looking toppers & decorations for your cupcakes.

    To make your cupcake decorations all you need is a chocolate transfer sheet or two, melted tempered chocolate or melted choc/candy melts (compound chocolate). Make sure your chocolate is just warm to touch... if your chocolate is too hot it will melt the design into a messy blur. 

    If you are new to transfer sheets or unsure about tempering chocolate, practising with compound/melts is a good idea as it's more stable and you will find it easier first time around. I'd recommend an offset/cranked spatula too; as it allows you to evenly and thinly spread the chocolate, but you can use a standard spatula.

    an offset spatula makes spreading the chocolate a breeze 

    available in 100's of designs, chocolate transfers sheet are thin sheets of acetate printed with an edible coloured cocoa butter design. 

     Decorations you can make for your cupcakes include...

    Shards; to make shards spread melted chocolate over the entire chocolate transfer sheet. When the chocolate is set peel away the acetate and break the chocolate into shards. Gently press shards into your frosted cupcakes. 

    Shapes; cut pieces of the acetate sheet into shapes. Spread melted chocolate over pieces and leave to set. Alternatively lay the pieces over a rolling pin, in a small bowl etc to create curves, twists or bowls. When the chocolate is set peel away the acetate and use decorations as desired. 

    Piping; Pipe monograms, words, flowers, hearts or patterns directly onto the transfer sheet. Allow the chocolate to set and carefully peel away acetate. Top your frosted cupcakes with your creations.

    aim for thin chocolate for cupcake toppers


    chocolate on transfer sheet piece drying in a curved shape by resting over a mini rolling pin

    peeling away the acetate leaves behind an edible transferred pattern


    If you pipe monograms or cut shapes you will end up with the inevitable "scrap pile", store your scraps in a sealed container and use them to top chocolate dipped truffles or chocolates.

    In hot weather store all your transfer sheets in the refrigerator in a sealed container to prevent the designs melting.

    Chocolate transfer sheets are available online from Fancy Flours (US) carry 125 different chocolate transfer designs, Cakes Around Town (AU), Roberts Confectionary (AU), Cakes Cookies & Crafts Shop (UK)

    Happy Baking :)


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    Twirly Swirly Chocolate Decorations

                          dark chocolate swirls and twirls decorations

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    *Updated ... note at bottom about using water instead of vodka

    I love these chocolate twirly swirly decorations that are easy to make with the help of a glass of chilled vodka. You can make abstract shapes like I did today, make straight squiggle shapes, thick or thin shapes, intertwine different coloured chocolates or even piped flowers/designs. Here's how....


    1 tall glass or tall narrow container of vodka

    melted tempered chocolate of choice

    piping bag fitted with a small round tip


    Pop your glass of vodka or water in the freezer to chill, you want to be nice and icy cold.

    Fill your piping bag with melted chocolate. Remove cold vodka from the freezer. Holding your piping bag 2cm (bit less than an inch) from the surface of the vodka, apply firm even pressure and pipe directly into the vodka letting the chocolate fall naturally.

           piped chocolate in chilled vodka

    Chocolate will set instantly set on hitting the cold vodka, remove decorations as they are piped to a baking rack to dry. Moving your piping bag as you're piping will create different shapes. Once dry they are ready to use on your cupcakes or plated desserts.

    Try using multiple piping bags at once with a swirling motion to have intertwined shapes. White and dark chocolate look great together.

    Using light pressure with your piping bag will result in "floating shapes", carefully pipe flower shapes and designs remove to baking rack to dry after you have completed each shape.

    *Note "Water"   My preferred method is using vodka because alcohol evaporates quickly and you don't get water marks.  However, you can use iced water if you are using the pieces immediately. There is a high risk of water marking/blooming on standing. You can compensate for water marking by spraying or dusting with food colours or dusting with cocoa powder. As an alternative chocolate be piped directly into a tray of sifted cocoa powder for a 3D effect. 

    Frozen vodka: if you have ever frozen vodka you would have noticed it doesn't 'turn into ice' what you do get is a slight thickening, this is the perfect condition for the chocolate swirls to form. The vodka used has to be the highest alcohol content, lower alcohol brands of vodka will become icy.

    Happy Baking :)

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