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    Colouring Chocolate

                     White chocolate coloured different shades of pink

    Update: Since writing this posting Americolor products are more freely available in Australia. For a full range of colours including sheens for your spray gun Baking Pleasures  or Cakes around Town

    Pink chocolate, Magenta chocolate, Purple, Blue, Terracotta, Mauve or even Black chocolate it's possible thanks to Americolor's Flo-Coat. A liquid lecithin that acts as an emulsifier to stop chocolate from seizing when you add a liquid.

    In the past I have used powder colours to colour white chocolate, however they do come in a limited colour range and can alter the texture of the chocolate.

    I'm loving using Flo-Coat, at a ratio of five parts Flo-Coat to one part gel paste colour, you can turn white eating chocolate or white compound chocolate into any of the 40 colours in the Americolor's Soft Gel Paste range. 

    Cons; for Australian's... I can't get Flo-Coat here! I'm buying from the US. If anyone knows of a stockist here I'd love to know! 

    Pros; So many uses for coloured chocolate decorations; to match wedding colours, party & decorating themes or even sporting clubs team colours.

    Available from Cake Decorating Suppliers & Confectionary Suppliers US, I got mine from Bakers Nook

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