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    Cupcake Cases, Liners, Papers & Wrappers

    Cupcake liners can match your theme, act as an inspiration or just be pretty like these pink and black toile cupcake cases by Meri Meri 

    "Pretty Pretty" applies to everything made by Meri Meri the designers and publishers based in the UK and US. Probably most well known for their cupcake kits, Meri Meri also produce an equally beautiful range of paper party-ware to match your theme.

    I love these pink and black toile cases, the paper is medium weight and best used with light coloured cake batters.  Whilst the boxes do hold a single cupcake I think I'll use them to package pink macaron's.  

    Happy Baking :) 

    Cupcake cases only available from Glasshouse Cakes and Supplies (AU)

    Cupcake cases and single and double boxes available from Meri Meri (UK)

    Cupcake cases and boxes available from Amazon (US)



    Cupcake Cases, Liners, Papers & Wrappers 

    Cupcake liners can match your theme, just be pretty or act as an inspiration like these two gorgeous cupcake case entries featured today. 

    I'm now on facebook too!

    Ok, these are super cute aren't they? Going dotty with polka dot free-standing cases. These cases can be used for small desserts, ice-cream to hold lollies, nuts or for baking cupcakes. They do have a plastic film interior coating and are made in a wide range of colours to match your theme. 

    Available from The Party Studio (AU) and Bake it Pretty (US) 

    In case you missed these on facebook... gorgeous SK butterfly cupcake cases.

    Available in a range of colours from Squires Kitchen (UK)

    I have a new "good luck' baking charm in the form of a Momiji doll :)

    Momiji (pronounced mom-ee-jee) are collectible hand painted resin message dolls. The adorable dolls are given as small gifts to show friendship and love, each one has a place in the bottom for a hidden message.

    My Momiji 'Pixie' came packaged in a noodle box and is available from Tesora (AU)  

    and Amazon (US)  

    Happy Baking :)

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    Don't Be A Square

    groovy baby cupcake with modelling paste topper

    "Oh no!" I thought when my delivery of new Vestli House cupcake cases arrived in the mail looking surprisingly "square". The Scandinavian company Vestli House produce some of the best quality and gorgeously designed cupcake cases on the market, packaged in individual boxes they always look a little square but not the extent that they won't drop into the cupcake pan.

    I promptly contacted the store where I purchased them from & attached a photograph of how the cases usually fit into the cupcake pan compared to ones that just arrived. 

    square peg in a round hole, resulting in movement when trying to fill them with batter

    To their credit Cupcake House promptly sent me more packs of the three liners I'd ordered at no charge. These arrived still a little squarer than usual but were fine to bake in.

    Since I have recommended Vestli House in the past I wrote to Vestli directly to ask what would cause the squareness of the cases, they replied...

    Dear Jeniffer,

    Thanks for informing me. I can see what you are meaning. This is not how

    they are going to look like. It seems like the paper cups has got to much

    humidity and therefore lost the shape. You know, it is paper and this is a

    natural products and loose the shape if they are stoked in high humidity

    over long time. 

    I don´t know when or who you purchased it from. But the humidity problem is

    not from stocking it in your home/store.  

    Did you just buy them? And form whom? 

    If you are emailing me your address I will send you new liners to compensate


    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Best Regards

      Ingunn Sjöström Sneli

       Creative Director/Owner

    Hmmm, so humidity is the culprit, I presume that would be in shipping. I didn't take up the offer for more cases through Vestli House as the second lot from Cupcake House I could bake in. 

    I was impressed by the prompt reply and action from the company & retailer to rectify the problem. So I'm still highly recommending Vestli House cupcakes cases, for the quality of the paper, the lack of colour fade on baking and of course their gorgeous designs! Perfect for special occasions and with the elegant packaging they make a lovely gift for a baker.'Astrid' by Vestli House

    See the full range of Vestli House products at their official site here

    Cupcake House stock a range from Vestli, make sure to check out their selection of cupcake toppers too... including made to order individual designs.                 Cupcake House

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    Cupcake Cases, Liners, Papers & Wrappers

    Cupcake liners can match your theme, just be pretty or act as an inspiration like these pretty ruffled cupcake cases from Wilton.

    I received a couple of requests last evening about the cupcake cups I used in the 'I'm not in Paris Wombat Cupcake'. The cases are from Wilton and are available in three colours; teal, white and rose (which is red).

    My husband immediately thought of "Christmas" when he saw them, I thought of Paris! They would be gorgeous for baby showers and weddings too.

    They are lovely baking cups, bake beautifully & are best used with light coloured cake batter.

    close up of ruffling

    I got mine from Fancy Flours (US), elsewhere request them from your local cake decorating store, Wilton stockist or check Ebay.


    Cupcake Cases, Liners, Papers & Wrappers

    Cupcake liners can match your theme, act as an inspiration, or just be pretty like these cupcake cases with a touch of gold.

    These sweet pretty pink & yellow medium weight cases with a swirl of gold are what I would describe as "fairy cake" size with a 2.5cm (1") wall & a 4.4cm (1.75") base. 

    Multi packs of four colours containing 135 cups from Fancy Flours

    A traditional pattern in gold adorns white cases. Available in packs of 25, they are made from greaseproof Swedish paper, 3.1cm (1.25") tall and 5cm (2") across the base. Also available as mini's from Fancy Flours 

    Both types bake extremely well, with little or no staining; they do look better with light coloured cake, think sponge cake or vanilla buttercake.

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    Cupcake Cases, Liners, Papers & Wrappers

    Cupcake liners can just be pretty, act as an inspiration or match your theme.

    I do like a design to carry through to the base of a liner like this fabulous swirl pattern does on these bold solid colour liners. Imagine a spring time yellow theme, blue cries out for piles of white frosting and green is just so minty!

    These cases have straight sides, are of medium size and are made from quality greaseproof Swedish paper. 

    Available in six different colours: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Purple & Gold

    The cases cup in packs of 40 from Fancy Flours


    Cupcake Cases, Liners, Papers & Wrappers

    Cupcake liners can match your theme, just be pretty or act as an inspiration like these gorgeous cupcake cases from Vestli House.

    Haaaa! I just love that the designs carry through to the bottom of the cases!

    Vestli House a Scandinavian that produces, top end, high quality cupcake cases, baking moulds & wrapping paper.

    Made from high quality Swedish greaseproof paper, packaged in packs of 20 cases.

    These are the cases you use for special occasions, they bake beautifully, with deep crisp pleating ensuring they stay put on the cupcake. 

    To see their other stunning designs including 'Mary' which I used for the Scotch Whisky Puddle Cakes visit their official site Vestli House. 

    Available in Oz from Little Betsy Baker and Cupcake House