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    Debbie's Beaded Butterfly Cupcakes

                                       Debbie's  beaded butterfly cupcakes 

    Typing one handed today as I'm sporting a "butterfly injury" after dipping my hand in hot isomalt... not something I'd recommend!!! Luckily I do listen to Martha Stewart and had a bowl of cold water nearby to dip my hand in, phew judging by all the blistering it's lucky I did! 

    But bravery is my middle name (not really I cried like a baby) and I piped with one hand to finish off my cakes for today. 

    Purple butterfly cupcakes for Debbie, who is my step son Daniel's Mum :)

    Beaded Butterfly toppers

    You will need...

    rice paper butterfly printed sheet (available from cake decorating stores)

    silicone bead or drop pearl moulds (mine 'pearl drops' by First Impressions)

    isomalt sticks or pearls

    clear cake piping gel

    cake glue

    edible glitter

    food colour of choice 

    chef's gas torch

    small sharp scissors or craft knife

    paint brush used for food purposes only


    I made two batches of cakes yesterday, both used isomalt in the toppers. I was burnt with the cooked stove top isomalt (that cake later in the week) and I also used for the first time isomalt sticks. 

    Isomalt sticks are pre cooked isomalt, if it's first time you're using isomalt or you rarely do sugar work they are good option. However if you are frequent user I recommend cooking your isomalt from either powder or crystals.

    Quick and easy to prepare the stick isomalt;

    Break desired amount of sticks into pieces and place them in a microwave safe cup with a handle (I used pyrex) Melt in 15 second increments until clear and bubbles have formed. That's it, done!!

    Remove from the microwave and add colour if desired, stir the colour in with a back and forwards waving motion to prevent bubbles forming. Once all bubbles have subsided, pour carefully (it's hot!!) into moulds. 

    Allow to set and then unmould.

    If you used a silicone mould you will have small bubbles on the surface of your pieces.

    A quick pass over with a gas chef's torch will remove the bubbles and leave you with shiny pieces. If your moulded pieces are too long for the butterflies body, snap a piece off to shorten and neaten the end with the gas torch.

    Butterfly Wings;

    Lightly paint over selected butterflies with cake gel, sprinkle with edible glitter if desired. Leave overnight to dry.

    Next morning with small sharp scissors or a craft knife on a craft mat, cut out the butterflies. I cut the body ends away too.

    Gently fold butterfly and attach isomalt body with a little cake glue. Leave to dry for a few hours, support the wings by putting folded paper etc under them to create a "flying position". 

    Use finished butterflies to top you cupcakes. 

    Happy Baking or Butterfly making :) 


    Bubble Wrap Chocolate Decorations for Cupcakes

                      assorted bubble wrap chocolate cupcake toppers


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    POP!  POP!  POP! Is this you with a piece of bubble wrap? Stop your "popping" and start making bubble wrap chocolate decorations for your cupcakes. These super easy chocolate toppers are fun to make and I'm sure you have a secret stash of bubble wrap tucked away somewhere right?  

    All you need is a piece of clean bubble wrap and melted tempered chocolate.

    Place your bubble wrap bubble side up on a baking mat or tray.

    Spread your melted chocolate over the bubble wrap.

    Allow the chocolate to set and peel off the bubble wrap & voilà you have bubble wrap chocolate. Your piece of bubble wrap can be used over & over again.

    Want curved pieces? Then lay the bubble wrap with the wet chocolate side upwards over a rolling pin or small bowl, allow chocolate to set and peel away bubble wrap.

    Want coloured chocolate? The see "colouring chocolate"

    You can also cut your chocolate into shapes or shards; peel away bubble wrap from the chocolate when it is at the "just set" stage and before the chocolate is fully hardened. Use a sharp or serrated knife to cut the chocolate bubble pieces into shape. Or just break pieces off for abstract shapes.

    Make holes in your bubble chocolate by using a heated skewer or tip of a small knife to melt out the middle part of the chocolate bubbles. If you create very thin bubble sheets of chocolate you can pop out the centres with a piping tip etc without having to use heat.

    Bubble wrap chocolate has a variety of applications, all the way from making "coral" for sea scenes or bee hives to the most elegant cupcake decorations. 

    So why are you still reading this? Go on, hunt for that piece of bubble wrap and give chocolate bubble wrap a try. 

    Happy Baking :) 

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