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    Spider Egg Tins

                                 chocolate "spider eggs" in tins

    A quick and fun "craft" idea for Halloween but also great for any of your gothic themed dinners. Not in a gothic dinner party time of life? children will like designing labels and filling the tins.  

    Give these chocolate filled spider tins out as favours, use them for place setting markers or passed around after dinner with coffee. 

    You need small metal tins with lids (craft stores). 

    A bag of rubber spiders or cockroaches if you want cockroach eggs instead (toy shops, craft shops etc). 

    Crispearls are used extensively in patisserie and chocolate work to add "crunch". 

    Small rounded candy or chocolates.  I used dark Callebaut crispearls, tiny, shiny pearls of dark chocolate with a crunchy toasted cereal centre but any small lolly or candy would do. Cocoa shelled popping candy would also work. 

    Make labels for your tins in whatever program you have from Word to Photoshop. Using clipart from the internet or your files. Print your labels on sticker paper or on plain office paper.  If you used plain office paper cut out your labels and adhere to your tins with non toxic glue.  Oh, don't forget to personalise the labels, print friends names, greetings etc.

    Use tissue paper in contrasting or matching colour to line the bottom of the tins, fill with chocolates/lollies of choice. Top with a single layer of tissue, put your spider on top of that and close the lid.  

    Happy crafting :) 


    Cockroach Cupcakes

                                         gothic cockroach cupcakes

    Alas not back to full time blogging yet... but I do have a week of Halloween baking I'll be posting.

    I'm saying "Halloween", but really I'm in vampire mode as my step-son Daniel readies himself to shoot his end of year short film to complete his first year of film studies. Yes, it's going to be a vampire story. To celebrate today's cupcakes have a gothic feel, thanks in part to Martha Stewart's gothic bug halloween cupcake liners and partly because I'm old enough to remember a time when vampires didn't sparkle!! 

    Quick and easy to make, you will need...

    12 iced, frosted or fondant topped cupcakes (I used choc/caramel cakes with caramel fondant)

    12 rubber or plastic cockroaches or suitable creepy crawlies

    1/2 cup crushed plain chocolate biscuits (cookies)

    Dig a a hole in your cakes with the point of a small sharp knife, sprinkle a few biscuit crumbs in and around the hole then insert your cockroach. 

    That's it, happy baking :)

    My cockroaches came from SilverCrow Creations.  

    *if serving to children under two years of age replace rubber/plastic bugs with lolly versions.

    More rubbery creepy crawlies with quick and easy along came the spiders cupcakes....

                         Along came the Spider

                         BOO!! cupcake toppers