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    Baby Dots

    'Baby Dots' cupcakes; White Chocolate & strawberry, fondant topped with polka dots. 

    Thank you to Eliza and Dan for yesterdays café/patisserie review!! You're wonderful Eliza (you too Dan)... looking forward to your next review. 

    Got these super sweet, super mini foil chocolate/cupcake cases by Robert Gordon off Daniel yesterday as part of my mothers day gift :) Fabulous for truffles of course, but you can also bake darling small cupcakes in them. 

    How cute are they!! 

    Available in four colour pink, red, green and blue in packs of 18 from kitchen ware stores and online at Kitchen Cupboard (Australia)

    Or perhaps you fancy a fruit chew lollipop cupcake topper

                     Happy Baking :)


    Golden Apple

    apple & raspberry cupcake, raspberry pink glacé icing and golden apple topper

    The myth of the golden apple...

    Zeus held a banquet in celebration of the marriage of Peleus and Thetis. Left off the guest list was Eris (goddess of discord), and upon turning up uninvited, she threw or rolled a golden apple into the ceremony, with an inscription that read: καλλίστῃ or, "to the fairest." Three goddesses claimed the apple: Hera, Athena and Aphrodite.

    Zeus deemed Paris as the judge as he knew that Paris would be a fair and equal judge. He gave the apple to Hermes and told him to deliver it to Paris and tell him that the goddesses would accept his decision without argument, and so the goddesses appeared. Each of the goddesess offered Paris a gift as a bribe in return for the apple. First approached Hera who offered to make him a famous, powerful king; next came Athena, who offered to make him wise, above even some of the gods; and last of all came Aphrodite, who said she would give him the most beautiful woman in the world as his wife, Helen at that time, of Sparta (later to be titled Helen of Troy). Paris chose Aphrodite, which would ultimately lead to the start of the Trojan war. Paris soon went to celebrate the marriage of Helen and Menelaus with his brother. They spent the night there, and Menelaus was called to Agamemnon, and thus Helen and Paris were left alone. In this time they made love, and Helen left Menelaus and sailed to Troy with Paris, thus initiating the Trojan War.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break with family & friends, back to cupcaking today with beautiful Golden Apple toppers. I've always thought of the Zeus myth when creating these apples, but when I went to get the story from the net today the first Google results showed 'Golden Apple' as being a brothel in Sydney. That gave me something else to think about ;)

    I've made these apples (& pears) in the past to surround a large Christmas cake, they work equally well topping a cupcake. Super easy to make, start with by rolling balls of white fondant or modelling paste to create your apples in a size appropriate for your cupcakes, set aside for 30 minutes and get your stalks ready. I used the dry parts of mint stalk pieces from an unsprayed mint plant, and insert pieces into the centre of the balls to create a stalk. Set aside to dry for 24 hours.

    The leaves; I used tiny sprouting mint leaves to create an imprint on modelling paste. Pick your leaves, lay them out with the rear side facing upwards. Press and shape a small piece of modelling paste onto the leaves. Set aside for 30 to 60 minutes (don't leave it on any longer or the moisture from the leaf will dissolve the modelling paste), gently peel away the leaf. There will be a slight discolouration from the leaf, but that will be covered by the edible paint. Set aside to dry.


    finished dried and painted leaves can be stored long term in a sealed airtight container

    cake decorators edible paint available in nail-polish like bottles in metallic shades from cake decorating stores

    Next day, paint your apples and leaves with edible food paint, I use light gold. Set aside to dry.

    Attach your leaves to the stalks with a tiny pieces of modelling paste, this is a bit fiddly but not difficult. 

    Set aside to dry, paint the seam where you have joined the leaves to the stalks. Next... you guessed it... set aside to dry!

    All finished and ready to use as cupcake toppers.

    *Any edible unsprayed leaf can be used as a template. Make sure your 'stalks' are from the dried woody part of the herb/flower plant.

    golden apple myth wikipedia 

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    "Wish" cupcake picks

                   If I had a 100 wishes, I would give them all to you

    It was love at first sight when I spotted these vintage look 'wish' tickets, I just had to make cupcake picks with them!!

                  Available in rolls of 100 in pink & blue

    Bake cupcakes in white cases and they would be perfect for baby showers, can't you imagine them on Valentines Day too. Suit's birthdays of any age from a five year olds fairy party to your grandmas 90th.

    Change the cupcake case to suit your theme, try carnival cupcake cases for fairground feel, white or pink for princess parties, black for a Cougar Town party for that girlfriend who is wishing for a.... well, you know what she is wishing for.

    To make the cupcake picks I glued two tickets together back to back with a coloured toothpick sandwiched in-between.

    Tickets are available from SilverCrow Creations & are also available in Kisses and Hugs. SilverCrow carry a large range of scraps, die cuts, desdens, rubber stamps, seals & bits and pieces for all your scrapbooking, crafting and cupcake pick making!

    Wishing you a great weekend :)

    Cupcake flavour; vanilla sponge with crème fraiche strawberry chocolate ganache


    Coloured Toothpicks

    food colour painted toothpicks

    Last time I was making cupcake picks I was thinking they would look so much better if the toothpick holding it up was in a matching or contrasting colour rather than the raw wood. 

    Today I made batches of coloured toothpicks to store for future use.

    Method one bright colours; paint undiluted food colour paste or gel straight onto the toothpick. Works well with yellow, red, orange and pink. Does not work with blues, purples, greens... they all look come out looking "black". Set aside on a baking rack to dry out completely. 

    You can also get a distressed or shabby chic look by wiping off undiluted colour with a cloth. Set aside to dry.

    obtain soft shades with method two

    Method two is my favourite; dilute a drop or two of food colour in warm water, soak batches of toothpicks until desired colour is reached. With this method you can get all the pastels and shades you desire.  Set aside to dry.

    You can also use natural colour solutions to soak the toothpicks in; coffee, black tea, matcha, beetroot (beet) juice and the like. 

    Wooden skewers can be coloured in the same way as the toothpicks.

    Do allow the toothpicks to dry throughly, preferably overnight. If they aren't dry enough they look like the yellow toothpick in the top photo, slightly glossy.  


    Mini Ice-cream cone cupcakes

                         Mini Ice-cream cone cupcake

    Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone ~

    Jim Fiebig

    The inspiration for today's cupcake comes from the iconic Peter's Ice-Cream signs, that can be still seen attached to milkbar's in Australia today.

    Remind me not to work with ice-cream when the weather is warm!! I was happy seeing my idea for a mini ice-cream cone cupcake come to life until I got to filling the cones part. The ice-cream was melting as I scooping it, ahhh haaa I thought, I'll freeze the scoops first.

    I thought they were frozen??

    Then I went to fill the cones and again the ice-cream started to melt, I froze the filled cones but now they have that "the ice-cream started to melt and it's been re-frozen look".

    Apart from that, happy with how they turned out. The cones come from a recipe in David Lebobvitz's Perfect Scoop: Ice Creams, Sorbets, Granitas, and Sweet Accompaniments . I made mini versions (finished cone 5cm/2 inches high), brushed the edge with melted white chocolate and sprinkled with disco glitter.

    Melted white chocolate ready to be painted on top edge of cone

    Next time, after checking first the weather & what is wrong with our FREEZER, I'll make an adult version by making a dark chocolate and hazelnut edge, fill with a scoop of Frangelico chocolate ice-cream and serve them in small choc hazelnut cupcakes...yum!

    You could of course (and maybe I should have), filled the cones with a little piped frosting, marshmallow or even whipped ganache! 

    That's it for today :)


    Tool Time & Chocolate Curls

    Tool Time the kitchen tools and gadgets I love

    Yes, it's a veggie peeler! A sharp vegetable peeler is used in chocolate work to trim up those rough edges & ties in with a couple of email enquires I had this week asking how to make the small chocolate curls I used in the Colouring Chocolate entry earlier this month.

    Curls are made straight from a block, bar or in the case of my coloured chocolate "a blob". Hold the chocolate in one hand and firmly and evenly run the peeler down the narrow side. Pressing firmly gives you a tight curl, not as firmly gives a softer curl. The curls have a slightly wood-grain appearance.

    tight curl & two partial curls

    blobs of chocolate for the small amount of coloured curls I needed

    finished chocolate curls

    My peeler of choice to do this? An Oxo Good Grips swivel peeler, it's sharp and the rubber non-stick grip makes it so much easier to hold. I have two, one for chocolate work and one for the veggies! 

    After different curls? Try combed chocolate curls.

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    Cupcake Cases, Liners, Papers & Wrappers

    Cupcake liners can match your theme, act as an inspiration, or just be pretty like these cupcake cases with a touch of gold.

    These sweet pretty pink & yellow medium weight cases with a swirl of gold are what I would describe as "fairy cake" size with a 2.5cm (1") wall & a 4.4cm (1.75") base. 

    Multi packs of four colours containing 135 cups from Fancy Flours

    A traditional pattern in gold adorns white cases. Available in packs of 25, they are made from greaseproof Swedish paper, 3.1cm (1.25") tall and 5cm (2") across the base. Also available as mini's from Fancy Flours 

    Both types bake extremely well, with little or no staining; they do look better with light coloured cake, think sponge cake or vanilla buttercake.

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    Love is in the air

                     Love is in the air 
                     Everywhere I look around 
                     Love is in the air 
                     Every sight and every sound

                               John Paul Young

    Only four days to go to Valentines Day so lets count down with ways to quickly bring romance to any cookie, cupcake or dessert. Today, whether you know them as sprinkles or quins, these pre made small decorations will instantly add the "I love you" to your baking.

    Go out and buy yourself love heart sprinkles, they come in a range of sizes in shades of red, rainbow, pink & white. Sprinkle on you cupcakes, cookies, chocolate truffles or even a scoop of ice-cream for an instant Valentine.

    Mini hearts by CK Products

    Kissing Lips by CK Products

    How gorgeous are these! Pink Edible Hearts by Rainbow Dust

    Tiny glittery love hearts ready to sprinkle on your cupcakes or apply individually with a damp artists brush. Plus they can be added to liquid, I can see fabulous cocktails in your future!

    Happy sprinkling :)

    Stockists: Cake Decorating Stores, some supermarkets, gluten free & vegan stores usually carry a range.

    For future romance.... Cakes Around Town (AU) Cake Deco (AU) for a range of sprinkles, Little Betsy Baker (AU), Jane Asher (UK) for Pink Edible Glittery Hearts and range of sprinkles, Fancy Flours (US) for large range of quins/sprinkles.

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    Colouring Chocolate

                     White chocolate coloured different shades of pink

    Update: Since writing this posting Americolor products are more freely available in Australia. For a full range of colours including sheens for your spray gun Baking Pleasures  or Cakes around Town

    Pink chocolate, Magenta chocolate, Purple, Blue, Terracotta, Mauve or even Black chocolate it's possible thanks to Americolor's Flo-Coat. A liquid lecithin that acts as an emulsifier to stop chocolate from seizing when you add a liquid.

    In the past I have used powder colours to colour white chocolate, however they do come in a limited colour range and can alter the texture of the chocolate.

    I'm loving using Flo-Coat, at a ratio of five parts Flo-Coat to one part gel paste colour, you can turn white eating chocolate or white compound chocolate into any of the 40 colours in the Americolor's Soft Gel Paste range. 

    Cons; for Australian's... I can't get Flo-Coat here! I'm buying from the US. If anyone knows of a stockist here I'd love to know! 

    Pros; So many uses for coloured chocolate decorations; to match wedding colours, party & decorating themes or even sporting clubs team colours.

    Available from Cake Decorating Suppliers & Confectionary Suppliers US, I got mine from Bakers Nook

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    Oops!... I did it  again.

    Pink Lemonade Cupcake with my first lollipop from a more successful attempt at candy making.

    Today I did what I manage to do on a semi regular basis, burn my toffee/caramel, it's called "the walking away from the saucepan technique". I wouldn't recommend it!

    Melted sugar can be a leave you with a sticky mess, but even with my blackened sugar there is a quick and easy saucepan cleaning method.

    Fill your toffee/caramel pot with water, bring the boil, boil for a few minutes then tip the water out.

    Your pot is now ready for the dishwasher/sink. 

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