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    Toblerone dessert in 30 minutes!! 


                                    Toblerone dessert in 30 minutes


    A super quick and easy "emergency" dessert today for the holiday season. It's creamy, it's chocolaty, it's yummy and it's ready in only 30 minutes!

    Makes 8 small or 6 medium or 4 "husband Mark" sized serves.


    200 gram (7oz)  Milk or Dark Toblerone (melted)

    500g (17.5 oz) *softened Philadelphia Cream Cheese

    1/2 cup sour cream

    1/2 cup caster sugar (superfine sugar)

    1 tsp vanilla 

    Optional... 2 tablespoons of chocolate, or honey, or almond liqueur


    200 gram (7oz) Milk or Dark Toblerone 

    thick cream

    honey to drizzle

    flaked, chopped or silvered toasted almonds


    Beat softened cream cheese with caster sugar until smooth. Add melted Toblerone, sour cream, vanilla and liqueur if using and beat until combined.

                              beaten cream cheese

     melt toblerone in a metal or glass bowl over a pan of barely simmering water until just melted.

     beaten Toblerone mixture still contains the pieces of honey nougat from the chocolate bar

    Spoon into small serving glasses, bowls or ramekins. 

    Top with a spoonful of thick cream, toasted almonds, Toblerone pieces and a drizzle of honey... that's it, ready to serve! 

    If you do want to make ahead of time, spoon the Toblerone mixture into glasses, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until required. Just before serving add the toppings. 

    *to soften your cream cheese roughly chop and place in a microwave safe bowl, zap on low in 30 second increments  until soft. 

    Notes: reduce the fat in the dessert by substituting light sour cream and light Philly cheese for the full fat varieties. 

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