Rainbow Chocolate... NO MORE!!
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 5:22PM
The Lone Baker

I've swirled it, I've twirled it, I've made chocolate sheets, cut shapes, piped lettering and made copious amounts of curls, but alas last night my husband intervened (or should that be there was an intervention?) and removed from my grasp was my bottle of Americolor's Flo Coat. 

There was hints this was coming, with my husband asking me over the past few weeks "You need white chocolate again???", "What are you actually going to do with all the coloured chocolate?", "Do you have an end goal?".

So it's good bye Flo Coat ): and on the to next thing or obsession!!

How to...  colouring chocolate  &  here for chocolate curls 

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