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    Year of the Dragon Cupcake 

                   Year of the Dragon Cupcake

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    Sshhh, be quiet. Leave me alone, why do you keep talking.

    I'm trying to sleep, cry, I just want to die.

    What do you want? A cupcake to symbolise a "new start"? 

    'Year of the Dragon Cupcake' dedicated to my step son Daniel who is wise beyond his years and the most inspirational person I've ever known.

    January 23rd is Chinese New Year and fondant dragon cupcake toppers look stunning whether made as a gift, as center piece for your tray of pineapple tarts or even a bowl of Chinese candies. Here is how I made mine.... 

    I start with a rough template of what size I want.

    Then I rolled a snake shape from fondant, I'd usually use white but today I've used different colours to illustrate the different elements. Press a toothpick in now so you have a hole for later placement.

    I added scales to the dragons body with the end of a piping tip. Then rolled and shaped spikes and detail from more fondant and adhered in place with water.

    Once that was done I started to build the head, using plastic wrap to support drying pieces.

    Then I added the legs and allowed the dragon to dry overnight.

    Next morning I used a small paint brush to add copper food paint to the body of the dragon and gold lustre dust brushed over the entire dragon to finish, including the back of the piece. I painted the toothpick with edible paint and inserted it into the dragon ready to add to my cake. 

    Happy Baking :)