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    Attack of the Swamp Zombie cupcake

                                attack of the swamp Zombie cupcake

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    The dietician on talk back radio was saying "don't deny your chocolate cravings just buy a Freddo Frog instead of a whole block of chocolate"... first thing I thought... hope that includes cream frogs! 

    Some might consider 1950's sci fi and horror films schlock; I prefer to think of them as little gems, their black and white film reels disguised with bright and lurid poster art.

    1950's poster art

    Besides they are so much fun and a great inspiration for Halloween cupcakes. Today's cupcake relies on "a hand", it can be a zombie, a sea creature or perhaps an alien hand. Make your hands with fondant or modelling paste the night before you need them, insert a tooth pick or a piece of dry spaghetti amd the leave to dry. Next day pop them in your fondant, iced or frosted cupcakes and they are ready to hold your treat of choice.

    I used Cadbury Cream Freddo's, they come in Strawberry or Peppermint. 

    Just before serving I broke the Peppermint filled Freddo Frogs to allow for the right amount of Halloween goo. 

    Happy Baking :)

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