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    Amore Frangelico Truffles

                                        amore frangelico truffle

    Golden truffles laced with Frangelico are a decadent ending for a sumptuous Italian banquet or that bowl of spag bol that you plan to zap in the microwave. 

    Pile them high on a collared full sized cake, use single truffles as cupcake toppers, eat them as they are with an accompanying expresso or better still a glass of Frangelico. 

    Frangelico the Italian Hazelnut liqueur with it's hints of cocoa and vanilla is like liquid Nutella for grownups. Best bit, Frangelico is produced in miniatures so you don't have to buy a giant bottle; I do, buy the giant bottle particularly for the Christmas season when I use it for cakes, puddings and the like.Frangelico with it's distinctive friar in his habit shaped bottle

    Gold Lustre Dust is metallic edible food decorating powder, available from cake decorating suppliers.

    various metallic gold lustre dusts

    Amore Frangelico Truffles

    makes 20 to 24 truffles


    250g (8.8 oz) dark eating chocolate

    2 tsp Frangelico liqueur 

    125 grams (4.4 oz) mascarpone cheese

    cocoa powder to coat

    gold lustre dust


    In a heat proof bowl over saucepan quarter filled with simmering water, melt the chocolate. Stir in the liqueur. Remove from heat, allow to cool until just warm. Stir in the mascarpone.

    Refrigerate 20 minutes or until firm enough to roll into truffle sized balls. Roll balls and toss them in cocoa powder to coat. Once all the balls are coated, dust top half with gold lustre dust. Refrigerate until needed, let them come to room temperature before serving. 

    Variations; swap the liqueur... chocolate and coffee liqueurs work well, but don't forget orange or even mint.


    Valentines Truffle Pops

    Valentines Truffle Pop tops a chocolate & raspberry crème fraiche cupcake

    The beauty of this truffle recipe is it's versatility, if you don't like raspberry liqueur, feel free to change it to coffee or orange or perhaps rum. Use vanilla, coffee, green tea, ginger or flavouring oils instead of alcohol. If you are using truffles as cupcake toppers adjust the flavours of your cupcakes accordingly.

    Try milk or white chocolate instead of dark, a mix of milk and dark chocolate is my favourite.

    Simply toss them in *cocoa, or roll in melted chocolate and then in *crushed toasted nuts, crushed hard candy, sprinkles, coconut, grated chocolate, sanding sugar or dip them in chocolate for a smooth coating.

    These truffles have a whipped light texture and keep well when refrigerated for up to two weeks. Today I'm using them on lollipop sticks to make cupcake toppers. 

    Valentines Truffle Pops


    Makes 24

    150ml cream (5 fluid oz)

    125g dark eating chocolate (4.4oz) grated (use a food processor if desired)

    125g milk eating chocolate (4.4oz) grated

    3 tsp Raspberry liqueur (optional)

    24 lollipop sticks

    24 heart shapes, either make yourself from fondant or buy pre-made. 

    24 iced, frosted or glazed cupcakes

    plus of 375g (13oz) tempered dark chocolate if planning to chocolate coat the truffles


    Place the both the grated milk & dark chocolate into the bowl of your stand mixer. In a medium saucepan bring the cream to the boil. Remove from heat, let cool for a minute or two and then tip in grated chocolate.

    Beat on medium high speed for 5 minutes, stop the mixer and the let the chocolate mixture become cool. Add the raspberry liqueur if using and beat a further 5 minutes. The mixture will become lighter in colour and texture. 

    Refrigerate the mix for 15 minutes or until chocolate is firm enough to handle. 

    Line a baking sheet with baking paper & with clean hands roll 2 tsp's of mixture into a ball, place on baking tray and repeat.

                   Rolled truffles before coating

    Chill for 5 minutes.

    Have your cupcakes ready.

    Remove truffle mixture from the refrigerator, insert the lollipop sticks, then dip each truffle one by one into the tempered dark chocolate, place each completed truffle pop into position on the cupcakes. When the pops are set, attach heart decorations with a dab of melted chocolate.

    *You will need 75g-2.6oz of dutch process cocoa or crushed nuts to coat 25 truffles

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